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Terms & Conditions

Caravan and Camper Hire Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read and understand our terms and conditions to ensure You have a great experience with us. If You have any questions, please call 1300 781 229 or email [email protected] before making a booking.

This is an Agreement between the hirer (You) and Caravan and Camper Hire (Company) to hire the caravan or camper trailer (Vehicle) as described.


1              Terms of Payment

1.1          You agree that a deposit of 50% of the hire fee is payable at time of booking Your Caravan and Camper Hire Caravan. You agree that full payment is required for all hires that will occur within the next 7 days.

1.2          All bookings will not be confirmed until the 50% deposit is received and a confirmation email and/or invoice is supplied.

1.3          You agree to pay the balance of the full cost of hire 10 days prior to the collection of any booking. Payment can be made in either cash, EFTPOS or direct deposit. If You wish to pay by cheque, the full cost must be made 15 days prior to the collection of any booking.  An automatic cancellation of the booking will result if payment of the deposit and full payment is not received by the due date.

1.4          You agree:

(a)           the rental dates cannot be changed under 10 days prior to the pickup date; and

(b)           if the dates are changed 10 days prior to the collection of the booking, that results in a hire period less than the original hire period, no discount is applicable and the full cost remains the same.

1.5          All current prices and charges for individual caravans are shown on the Company website.

2              Refunds and cancellations

2.1          Written confirmation is required for any changes or cancellations for bookings:

(a)           over 6 months’ notice for a cancellation receives a full refund;

(b)           less than 6 months' notice but greater than 1 month will receive a refund minus 20% of the deposit;

(c)            less than 1 month's notice results in the loss of deposit. If the caravan can be re booked, a refund will be provided minus 30% of the deposit;

(d)           No show – If You do not show for the collection of the Vehicle on the agreed date and time without notice, the full payment will be forfeited with no refund; and

(e)           there are no refunds for early return

2.2          The Company strongly recommends You contact a travel insurance company to obtain travel insurance to cover the cost of unforeseen issues that may arise from Your rental.

3              Vehicle condition and return

3.1          You acknowledge that the Vehicle is the sole property of the Company.

3.2          You acknowledge that upon pick up of the Vehicle it was in good running condition and fit for towing.

3.3          You must take reasonable care of the Vehicle by:

(a)           preventing it from being damaged;

(b)           making sure that it is protected from the weather;

(c)            maintaining the tyre pressures; and

(d)           making sure that it is not overloaded.

3.4          You must return the Vehicle:

(a)           in the same condition (except for ordinary wear and tear and NOT including windscreen damage, window damage and tyre damage) together with all tools, tyres and Equipment supplied under clause 8 and listed in the Schedule;

(b)           to the same address as pick up; and

(c)            on the date as agreed by You and the Company.

3.5          You must replace any damaged tyres and/or damaged windscreen and/or broken windows during the hire period.

3.6          The Company may take possession of the Vehicle without prior knowledge and at Your expense, if there is a Major Breach of these Terms and Conditions or, if after making reasonable enquiries, the Vehicle is apparently abandoned.

3.7          You agree to pay for all costs associated with towing and transporting the Vehicle back to the agreed location if You fail to return the Vehicle to the agreed location on the agreed date at the agreed time.

3.8          You acknowledge that upon pick up of the Vehicle, the only existing damage will be detailed on the damage control sheet and any damage after that will have occurred after the collection date and time resulting in extra charges to repair if needed.

3.9          You must not:

(a)           attach anything by any means to any part of the Vehicle unless provided by the Company; and

(b)           store any items inside the Vehicle that can damage or mark any of the surfaces (e.g., bike, gas bottle, etc)

3.10        You must contact the Company 24 hours in advance if an extension of the Vehicle hire is required that is not included in the original booking. If the Company is not notified of the extension of period of hire and the Vehicle is not returned to the agreed location on the date or at the time agreed, after making reasonable attempts to contact You, the Vehicle may be reported to the police as stolen.

4              Unauthorised and Prohibited Use

4.1          Persons who must not drive or tow the Vehicle are any person:

(a)           who is not identified in the booking sheet, booking form or has not been identified or approved by the Company;

(b)           who is not licensed to drive or tow the Vehicle with their current class of licence;

(c)            whose blood alcohol content or level of drugs exceeds the legal limit;

(d)           who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

(e)           who has given or for whom You have given a false name, age, address or driver’s licence;

(f)             whose licence has been suspended or cancelled in the last 6 months;

(g)           who has held a driver licence for less than two years;

(h)           who is under the age of 25 years; or

(i)             who is over the age of 75.

4.2          The Vehicle must never be:

(a)           used on unsealed roads or off road conditions unless authorised in writing by the Company prior to the commencement of the rental;

(b)           transported by ferry or any transportation over water (but the Vehicle may be taken onto islands that are joined by a bridge);

(c)            taken:    

(i)            through any river, stream, creek or tidal crossing;

(ii)            through flood water; or

(iii)           on any road where road has been deemed unsafe or closed;

(d)           used:

(i)            to carry any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials;

(ii)            to tow any other Vehicle including trailers, boats or other objects;

(iii)           in a dangerous manner; or

(iv)          for any illegal purpose.

4.3          You must not:

(a)           damage the Vehicle deliberately or recklessly or allow anyone else to do so;

(b)           modify the Vehicle in any way;

(c)            sell, rent, lease or dispose of the Vehicle; or

(d)           register or claim to be entitled to register any interest in the Vehicle under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

5              Financial Obligations

5.1          By entering this Agreement, You agree to pay and authorise the Company to debit Your credit card for the following charges associated with Your rental:

(a)           all rental charges agreed by You and the Company;

(b)           all charges claimed from the Company for any parking or traffic infringements, fines or penalties incurred during the period of hire until the Vehicle is returned to the Company;

(c)            cleaning costs and charges under clause 10; and

(d)           all loss or damage to the Vehicle, third party damages, legal expenses, assessment fees, towing and recovery, storage and company service charges where:

(i)            You or an Authorised Driver has committed any Major Breach of any condition of this Agreement;

(ii)            the Vehicle has been left unlocked;

(iii)           the keys have been lost and need replacement (which may require additional charges for the changing of all locks on the Vehicle);

(iv)          all damage to the Vehicle where another Vehicle is not involved;

(v)           the Vehicle is affected by water totally or partially including being immersed in water;

(vi)          the interior of the Vehicle is affected by water or any means.;

(vii)          the tyres of the Vehicle are damaged other than by general wear and tear;

(viii)         the windows are damaged or broken;  

(ix)          the Vehicle is damaged by driving it into or under an object lower than the height of the Vehicle;

(x)           Your failure to properly secure any load or Equipment leads to loss or damage to the Vehicle, load or Equipment; or

(xi)          You have failed to maintain all fluids for the correct functioning of the Vehicle resulting in damage.

5.2          If You have paid by the use of a credit card or directed the Company to bill charges to another person or company, You will be required to pay the full amount of the rental charges to the Company at the commencement of the rental.

6              Accident and breakdowns

6.1          In the event of any accident You must:

(a)           complete in full the accident form given to You upon pick up of the Vehicle;

(b)           notify the Company within 24 hours; and

(c)            not admit liability for any claims, loss or accidents.

6.2          You must report incidents to the police or proper authorities if required by law, including where any person is injured or any party involved in the accident appears to be affected by drugs or alcohol.

6.3          If during the rental period:

(a)           the Vehicle develops a fault; or

(b)           You become aware of low tyre pressure,

You must inform the Company immediately and not drive or tow the Vehicle unless the Company has authorised You to do so and You must not let anyone else repair or work on the Vehicle without the Company's prior written authority to do so.

7              Security Bond and Damage Cover

7.1          You must pay a security bond of $2,000 at the commencement of the rental and before the Vehicle is towed.

7.2          The bond will be refunded within one week of return of Vehicle to the Company provided that:

(a)           the Financial Obligations under clause 5.1 have been met;

(b)           there are no additional cleaning costs under clause 10; and

(c)            there has not been a Major Breach of the Agreement.

7.3          Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Company grants damage cover (including legal costs incurred with the Company's consent) for damage to the Vehicle, its theft and for third party damage other than any property owned by You. This cover is subject to:

(a)           Your payment per incident of up to the damage waiver excess;

(b)           You not being covered under any policy of insurance; and

(c)            You not having acted or caused other persons to act in a manner which is a Major Breach of the Agreement.

7.4          There is no damage cover for personal property owned by You or any person using the Vehicle that is left in or stolen from the Vehicle.

7.5          If You have an accident You must:

(a)           exchange names and addresses with the other driver;

(b)           obtain the names and addresses and contact phone numbers of all witnesses;

(c)            not make any admission of fault or promise to pay the other party's claim or release the other party from any liability;

(d)           forward all third party correspondence or court documents to the Company within 7 days of receipt; and

(e)           co-operate with the Company in the prosecution of any legal proceedings that it may institute or defence of any legal proceedings which may be instituted against You or the Company as a result of an accident, including attending the Company's lawyer's office or any Court hearing.

8              Equipment Supplied with the Caravan

8.1          At the commencement of the rental the Company will supply:

(a)           one 9 kilo gas bottle; and

(b)           one fire extinguisher.

8.2          If the gas runs out during the hire period You will need to fill it at Your expense but there is no fee for refilling the gas bottle upon return.

8.3          At the end of rental You will be charged additional refilling or replacement costs if the fire extinguisher has been used.

8.4          The Company will also supplythe Equipment listed in the Schedule. 

8.5          All Equipment must be stowed and secured as per instruction from the Company's staff.

8.6          You will also be charged and must pay replacement costs if any of the Equipment listed in clause 8.1 or in the Schedule is missing or not returned in the same condition as at the Start of Rental, subject to fair wear and tear.

9              Privacy Statement

9.1          All personal information will be secured in the Company's booking system. You agree for Your information to be stored and only passed on to a third party where it may be required by law.

9.2          All Vehicles are installed with a GPS tracking system. By signing these Terms and Conditions You authorise the Company to use the GPS tracking system to track the Vehicle until it is returned to the Company.

10            Cleaning

10.1        The Vehicle must be returned to the Company in a clean state, subject to reasonable wear and tear.

10.2        If, upon return, the Company deems the Vehicle to be excessively dirty a $250 cleaning fee will be charged which will be deducted from the bond.

10.3        All appliances, including inside the fridge, microwave, stove, oven, etc, must be returned clean.

10.4        The following are prohibited:

(a)           smoking inside the Vehicle under any circumstances;

(b)           use of candles or mosquito coils inside the Vehicle;

(c)            fires in or near the Vehicle; and

(d)           pets or animals (other than assistance animals) being in or near any part of the Vehicle or Equipment.

10.5        A cleaning and deodorising fee of $500 will apply if there is a breach of any part of clause 10.4 and the fee will be deducted from the bond, as all linen, including curtains, mattresses, lounges, etc, will need to be commercially cleaned. 

10.6        All Vehicles that include a bathroom, including toilet and shower, must be returned clean and all waste removed. This applies to the toilet cassette which must be emptied and cleaned before the return of the Vehicle. If this is not the case, a fee of $100 will apply and will be deducted from the bond.

11            Safety Loan Equipment

You will be shown how to install all safety loan equipment including sway bars, electric brakes and brake monitoring. These items remain the property of the Company and must not be altered or interfered with. You will be shown on pick up how to install and remove the items.

12            Obligations

12.1        All parties hiring the Vehicle are responsible to comply with all terms and conditions in this Agreement.

12.2        At the time of collection, and at all times during the rental, You must comply with all operators' manuals.

13            Liability

13.1        You must only use the Vehicle for a holiday or recreational purposes and use of the Vehicle for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited unless You have the Company's prior written agreement.

13.2        You are responsible for all damage to, or the theft of, all personal property which is left in the Vehicle after the rental or damaged or stolen during the rental and whether owned by You or any other person.

13.3        You have the rights conferred by the Australian Consumer Law and no clause in this Agreement excludes, restricts or modifies any implied terms, guarantees or rights You have under that law or any other federal, state or territory legislation.

13.4        The laws of New South Wales govern this Agreement and You consent to the courts of New South Wales having non-exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that rises under this Agreement.

14            Major Breach of Terms and Conditions

If You are found to have committed a Major Breach of the Agreement:

(a)           You are liable for all costs including recovery, damage and associated costs; and

(b)           acting reasonably, the Company may recover possession of the Vehicle.

15            Definitions

Company means G Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Caravan and Camper Hire ABN 39 089 799 020.

Equipment means the equipment supplied with the Vehicle as listed in the Schedule.

Major Breach means a breach of any of clauses 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 or 6.3 that causes damage, theft or third party property damage.

Vehicle means the caravan or camper trailer described in the Agreement and includes its tools, accessories and Equipment.

You, Your means the person whether it is an individual, a firm or company that rents the Vehicle from Us and whose name is shown in the Agreement.



  • Dinner & Cutlery set for 8 people 
  • Plastic Wine glasses for 6 people
  • Electric Kettle
  • Electric Toaster
  • All cooking utensils needed for indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Saucepans/Frypans 
  • Chopping Board 
  • Corkscrew 
  • All general cleaning supplies 
  • Tea Towels 
  • Dishwashing supplies 
  • All connections required at a normal caravan park (water hose, power lead, waste hose, etc.)
  • Basic tool kit & all tools required for set up and pack down 
  • Small First Aid Kit 
  • Outdoor table 
  • 6 Outdoor Camp Chairs 
  • 2 Kids Outdoor Camp Chairs (upon request) 
  • BBQ 
  • Entertainment Kit 
  • Annex (optional extra, not included in hire cost)
  • Extension poles